Gesture and Expression

After considering the true essence of what it is to tell a story I have come to the realization that the most important qualities that story-telling inhabits is the gesture and expression that is communicated. I believe that without such qualities, it looses its meaning.

I began to dig deeper into this idea of the process of telling stories and broke it down into three essential parts

Experience: hearing a story from someone else or experiencing a day to day or unique encounter

Processing: then one begins to think about this experience and begins to form their own understanding of that situation

Express: then the person or storyteller tells others about this experience.

This process happens on a day-to-day encounter and is a large part of our human experience. This act of story telling is the way in which we live. The expression of self and our human experiences. People thrive for such entertainment and the true act of expression becomes essential in ones life.

These ideas of gesture and expression become a means of communication. Without these people begin to miss interpreter or make up the account.

For this Narratorium I want to begin to address the cities interaction with story telling on a more intimate informal level. I also perceive a space that allow for more of a formal level as well.

I also have this idea of a vocal and gesture gallery that are basically these hall ways that begin to literally speak and as you are passing through this hall way there are stories being told that you can either stop and listen to or catch fragments of numerous stories that begin to merge to one. The walls show projections of gestures that go along with the stories.

I know that I also want a café to line the street edge of the structure that overlooks the informal story telling narration space.

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I like the way you accent your "cafè"s.